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About The Hobbit Name Generator

Find unofficial hobbit names from the Lord of the Rings with the hobbit name generator! Get a random name, or choose a unique hobbit name based on your own name. Great for LOTR roleplaying games (RPGs) and online multiplayer games (MMORPGs). The hobbit name generator finds names for male hobbits and female hobbits of all ages. The hobbit name generator also includes a short factual history associated with the hobbit names it finds for you.
J.R.R. Tolkien created a huge world, historical chronicles and family trees for his hobbits, listing many hobbit surnames and writing anecdotes about many hobbit characters. This name generator creates new hobbit names based on known hobbit surnames and first names as described by Tolkien. There are a number of other unofficial hobbit name generators online which work along the same principles, but none allow you to create a unique hobbit name based on your own name.
Please note: this is a fan commentary page intended to encourage interest in Tolkien's works. The hobbit name generator is not an official publication and is not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien or Tolkien Enterprises, or any of their licensees. Copyrights and trademarks for the books, films, articles, and other promotional materials are held by their respective owners and their quotation is allowed under the fair use clause of copyright law. Tolkien created an extensive world in The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion and other works, and a very small amount of the Tolkien's works are quoted here under fair use. All information was gathered from factual reference material lists in the public domain (Wikipedia 1 2). The extremely limited quotation of Tolkien's works is in no way intended to harm or undermine the market value of those works, rather to encourage fans to engage with and seek out those works.